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My subwoofer has no output; what is the cause?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Start by unplugging the RCA cable from the pre-amp/AVR and leaving it connected to the subwoofer. Tap the center pin of the RCA; you should hear a buzz through the subwoofer. If you don't start, by replacing the RCA cable with a known working one.

If you still have no output, the issue could be originating from either of two pieces on the Outlaw sub, the woofer or the Amplifier Plate.

Start by ruling out the woofer. Disconnect the red and black leads from the woofer. You can do this by removing only the perimeter screws from the amplifier plate and pulling it off. Then, the two woofer leads can be accessed from that opening. Detach these leads by depressing the lock tabs on the spade lugs to pull the leads off the connector plate.

Hook the woofer up to one of your main amplifier channels to see if it will play like any speaker driver should. You should switch the speaker size to large for this test, to get full range to this channel. If the 12" woofer plays normally at this point, we can assume the amplifier plate is the source of the issue. We would have you return only the Amplifier Plate to us for service.

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