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How can I solve my ground loop hum?
Last Updated 5 years ago

First, start with the most common source of ground loop hum:

Step 1: Due to the typically long cable or satellite signal runs, this is normally, the most common place where ground loop hum is introduced into your system. Start by disconnecting the input signal cable at your cable or satellite box. If the hum goes away, you will need an input ground loop isolator installed at the input RF connector terminal of the set top box.

Step 2: If the hum is still present after disconnecting the input cable to the set top box, move to disconnecting the interconnect cable at the output of the box. If hum is still there, disconnect all input cables, and the connection to your TV, from your processor. This will leave only the processor, amplifier and speakers connected. Plug the cable to your TV or monitor into the processor, check for hum. Plug your input signal cables one at a time into the pre-amp processor, checking for hum after each source device is connected. If hum is re-introduced into the system when any source device is connected, suspect a bad cable or that device as the source of the hum. If the hum is eliminated, the source of the hum will be one of the input source cables or a source device.

Step 3: If the hum is still present and affected by turning down the volume it must be entering the signal path before that volume control. (Suspect the processor as the source of the hum) If noise is unaffected by changing the volume via the volume control then the hum/buzz must be entering the signal path downstream or after that unit's volume control (i.e. it is not coming from up-stream in the signal chain). From here, we recommend you start at the input to the power amplifier. First, ENSURE that the power amplifier has been turned off for at least ten seconds before any input connections are made or removed! Pull each channel's input from the power amplifier, leaving only the amplifier connected to the speakers, to isolate the noise. If you still have noise when all inputs to the amp have been pulled, the hum is originating with the amplifier, speakers or speaker wiring.

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