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I have one channel in my system that has no output. Is this my Outlaw power amplifier?
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you are getting no audio out of a certain channel, please follow these steps to determine if the problem lies with the cable, the preamp/processor, or the power amplifier:

1. Turn everything ON, make sure to use an internal source on the preamp to eliminate the possibility of the issue being upstream from the pre-amplifier. An internal source would be either the tuner section or a test tone for channel balancing your system. If you get audio with the internal sources, your issue then lies upstream from your pre-amplifier - either an interconnect cable or the source device (Cable/SAT Box, DVD, Blu-Ray player, etc.).

2. If you are still not getting audio out of the problem channel using the internal source, please power everything down. You will want to take the problem channel's pre-output, let's say Front Right for example, and run it to a known working input channel on the amplifier -ENSURE that the power amplifier has been turned off for at least ten seconds before any input connections are made or removed!

If you get audio, both your pre-amp and your interconnect cable to the power amplifier are working. The issue lies either with the power amp channel or the speaker/speaker wire.

To test this, power everything down again, and switch the speaker connection from the known working channel. If you get audio, the original speaker or speaker wire is bad. If you do not get audio, the problem is with the amp channel.

3. If you did not get audio when switching the problem channel's pre-output to a known working channel on the power amplifier, in the beginning of step 2, your issue is either the interconnect cable between the pre-amp and power amp, or the pre-amp itself.

Please power everything down, and replace the interconnect cable for that channel with a known working one. Once all connections are made, you may power the system up. If you get audio, the issue was with the cable. If you do not get audio, the problem is with the pre-amp/processor.

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