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I'd like a remote control code for another companies remote to control an Outlaw Audio device; can you provide this?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Unfortunately not.

If you are looking for a remote control code (usually 4 or 5 digits), for your external or universal remote to control an Outlaw piece, the remote manufacturer would need to provide you with their designated code.

The way the process works is a remote manufacturer requests our HEX codes. There are many of these for a unit, each one lets the remote know how to control a specific function for a specific unit; for example, volume up has a different HEX code then volume down. We then provide all the HEX codes for the requested unit and the remote manufacturer creates their own specific (usually 4 or 5 digit) code. This code lets their remote know to use the correct HEX codes for each function.

Because of this, we wouldn't have the 4 or 5 digit remote code as it is specific to your remote/remote manufacturer. As such, you will want to make sure to contact your remote manufacturer so they can provide this for you. If you have a true learning remote and are unable to get the remote manufacturer's code, we would be more than happy to provide you the HEX codes, for our product, so your remote can control your favorite Outlaw gear.

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