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My Model 1050 volume control is acting erratic; what can be done to address this?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The issue with the mechanical rotary encoder (volume control) becoming inoperable develops from a lack of use more than anything. Like me, most of us primarily use the remote control for volume operation, thus, allowing the master volume control's internal contact surface to become oxidized.

The solution for this is to remove the front panel assembly, disassemble the volume control and clean off the oxidation from the flat surface of the rotary encoder.

The control on the front panel board can be separated by bending the four tabs that hold it together, removing the stem piece, wiping off the lubrication, and [using a pencil eraser], cleaning the oxidation from the surface. Then, reassemble the control, and front panel assembly. Don't forget to add new lubrication.

First, the following will help you in the front panel removal...

When removing the front panel initially, care must be taken with two FPC (flat printed circuit) cables that connect to the front panel board. (these will be on the left side of the panel assembly and are quite short)

Remove the six screws attaching the outer panel (after the cover is removed), and then the outer panel can be pried apart from the right side seam. The inner panel assembly also has six screws that are recessed in screw holes. Remove these screws, carefully pull the panel slightly away from the chassis, and stand it up on its left side. The FPC cables on the left side can now be disconnected.

The front panel board assembly needs to be removed from the inner panel assembly to expose the volume control side. Leave the inner panel face down, as the button assemblies are not secured to the inner panel. The nut securing the volume control also needs to be removed.

Then, you will be able to follow the procedure outlined above for the control refurbishment.
Reassembly is done in the reverse manner when the control has been refurbished. Care should be taken when reconnecting the FPC cables.

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